The Location


Trading post by the sea

The waters around Skjerjehamn have shaped it’s destiny for thousands of years. It has always been an important locale for fishing, trade and industry, and at the start of the 20th century was one of the largest ports in the West of Norway. Yet, as transport and goods began to move from sea to land the the 1950’s, the pace of life slowed down and a stillness fell on the area.

During the 20th century Skjerjehamn was one of the largest ports in Western Norway

During the 20th century Skjerjehamn was one of the largest ports in Western Norway



In 2005 the fish farming company Firda Seafood became the news owners, breathing new life into the place, and aquaculture has been a dominant force ever since. Skjerjehamn is Firda Seafood’s exhibition centre for aquaculture, and we are extremely proud to showcase one of the world’s most important industries here. Our guests can enjoy daily boat tours around the islands and to a local fish farm site. There is also an live outdoor exhibition the form of the Blue Garden. For more information click on Experiences.

Blue Garden er en utendørsutstilling om havbruk

Blue Garden er en utendørsutstilling om havbruk


The Arts

Art and culture are also central to the Skjerjehamn experience, offering both permanent and short-term special exhibitions, plus a variety of sculptures.


Permanent Display
Knut Steen and the King

A photomontage shown in the Bergen Times newspaper by Oddleiv Apneseth documenting Skjerjehamn owner Ola Braanaas’ journey to Pietrasanta in Italy, where sculptor Knut Steen created the iconic stone statue that welcomes visitors to the island.


Edvarda Braanaas
Works in oil and pastel

In the gallery situated on the second floor of the Pakkhuset building we present some selected artworks which are on sale to the general public.

Read more about Edvarda here.


The Art of Making A Living

Selected oil paintings by Jacob Jacobsen and prints by Ari Behn can be found in the oldest part of Skjerjehamn: Skjenkestova. The title of the exhibition references to one of Behn’s prints by the name of The Art Of Lovemaking which in this context contrasts how the two artists using their separate oeuvres have reflected Norwegian society, spreading their influence far and wide. Private exhibition.

Skjenkestova, Skjerjehamn

Skjenkestova, Skjerjehamn


Ever since the unveiling of the majestic stone statue of King Olav V, Skjerjehamn has been a centre for creative expression.